I am an experimental psychologist who studies and models perceptual processes — mostly vision and touch.

My undergraduate studies were in architecture and computer graphics, and my graduate work was in architecture+city planning and cognitive science. I did all this at The Ohio State University. I was a very early employee of Pixar where I designed user interfaces, researched medical imaging, and worked on short films and commercials that won all sorts of silly awards. My job title there was ‘animation scientist.’ I come from a family of numerous superb musicians. I am a first generation college student from Appalachia. It’s pop, not soda.


I teach classes in Computational and Quantitative Methods as well as Perception.

I occasionally teach Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Cognitive Science and seminars on Sensory Compensation, Ecological Perception, Human vs. Machine Vision and Aesthetics.

I am incredibly proud and honored to be associated with Project Prakash.

I just wrapped up a Fulbright & sabbatical, hanging out at RIT, MIT & Gießen.

Skidmore College
Psychology & Neuroscience
Tisch 155
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, New York
+1 518 580 5313