I’ve got strong last-minute game. Editing my VSS stuff on the Uncanny Valley. I’ll post something here when I get back.

When I do the wrong thing…

[WolframCDF source=”http://flipphillips.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/wtf.cdf” width=”320″ height=”415″ altimage=”https://academics.skidmore.edu/blogs/flip/?p=432″ altimagewidth=”” altimageheight=””] A small issue with a contour plot based on a very efficient Value Noise implementation (well, efficient for Mathematica). It eventually looks like this, which is the ‘right thing’ [WolframCDF source=”http://flipphillips.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/notwtf.cdf”… Read More

Pegged. It will come back to you?

Doing a sort of gigantic parallel computation in Mathematica. A little¬†too gigantic, I’m afraid. Um- can IT deliver my new MacPro sooooon? Pleeeeease?        

Abby Normal

I was trying to figure out why there were shading artifacts on a 3D object I created for some vision experiments. I’ve got a metric-ton of¬†Mathematica I’ve written over the years for doing computational geometry and it stood… Read More