Highland Aire

I just finished a row. It’s about 99% humidity this morning, which, to credit Chris Wedge, reminds me of having just rowed inside someone’s mouth. Chris and I used to ride our bikes together when we were at… Read More

Cat Came Back Jeans

Sometime in the late 80’s, I was a guest at a Spike n’ Mike animation festival, Santa Cruz I think. A bunch of us from Pixar went down, JL was probably the only ‘true’ special guest, but somehow… Read More

Pixar Goes Commercial…

An article from Computer Graphics World, circa June 1986. $125K for the entry level, in mid-1980’s dollars. You still needed a host (Sun-2 at the time was a good choice) and, if I recall, a display device. There’s… Read More

Sony XBR Club

The XBR was Sony’s top-of-the-line consumer CRT TV, back in the good old days. So elite, you got to join a club. I believe it stood for “eXtra BRight”. Steve May used to mock it, calling it the… Read More