Cat Came Back Jeans

Sometime in the late 80’s, I was a guest at a Spike n’ Mike animation festival, Santa Cruz I think. A bunch of us from Pixar went down, JL was probably the only ‘true’ special guest, but somehow I ended up at the autograph table, signing posters and stuff.

The Cat Came Back, Cordell Barker et al.

I was sitting next to Cordell Barker who had just done the amazing Cat Came Back which was Oscar nominated along with one of our shorts. I loved it, loved the snake scene in the pit in particular. The visual style is beautiful, semi Squigglevision, catchy tune, all that good stuff.

Somehow, we were at the table and just started signing all sorts of stuff, John, my favorite instigator of chaos, said “Hey Cordell, sign Flip’s pants!” So, he did. I think I signed some kid’s Levis, JL signed someone’s arm. Man, we were rock n’ roll stars baby.

I just unboxed some Pixar clothing that now has holes in it, but found the jeans –

I remember staying at the Cliff Crest Inn, which we stayed in dozens of times after. I remember a high speed car ride to an afterparty with JL and Bill Plimpton and Beth and Nancy in the car. Jaron Lanier had set up some media setup at the party. It was a weird scene. John, Nancy, Beth and I went and grabbed some wine somewhere instead.

Anyway – I loved The Cat Came Back. All hail the National Film Board of Canada. If you see Cordell ask him if he still has my signature on whatever I signed.