Pixar MacRenderMan floppy disk

Some historical floppy disk fun from old Pixar days. When Pixar decided to sell RenderMan to the public we had to come up with a good name (It was REYES, Renders Everything You’ve Ever Saw / Seen). You… Read More

Luxo Bookmark

Here’s something that might interest the Pixar fans/geeks out there-   I was cleaning up my lab today, and I found a copy of the RenderMan Companion (hey- I animated that cover image!) with a bookmark in it — more… Read More

Pete Experiment

Going to have to hurry up to get my stuff ready for VSS. So much data, so little time. A project I’m working on with Julia Mazzeralla and my ol’ pal Pete Docter.          

Photon Noise

Photon noise. Light… noisy. Shhh. If you listen, you can hear it. Rendered via RenderMan.