Luxo Bookmark

Here’s something that might interest the Pixar fans/geeks out there-


I was cleaning up my lab today, and I found a copy of the RenderMan Companion (hey- I animated that cover image!) with a bookmark in it — more than a bookmark, it was a strip of Kodak 5247 with a sound track too!

IMG_0208 2IMG_0209

Lo and behold- it is a piece of a print of Luxo Jr.


We used extra film / prints for all sorts of stuff. I remember going to a lunch at Colossal Pictures where they used scrap for cinematic silverware holders. Turns out, scrap prints were used all the time, especially when doing sound editing (so you could put place-holder stock where there was no sound, to get the timing right). Apparently, a lot of the old scrap was from pornos, so it turns out you had to be a little careful what you used for table place-settings.