On Talks and Slides

Some history of style. Once upon a time, Ed Tufte called me a “sanctimonious assohole”. I suggested that he up the dosage of his medications and stopped recommending his books to my students and colleagues. But — The… Read More

The PICS 2000

The Philips PICS 2000 imaging workstation. Developed at Pixar in 1987.

A medical imaging workstation – the beginning of volume imaging When I got my interview at Pixar, I was at Ohio State working on volumetric rendering of CT and MR images. There are a few callbacks to that… Read More

Listerine Hack

Boxing listerine bottle from Pixar commercial circa 1990

How to drink a few bottles of Listerine, scare your clients, and ultimately see your clients repeat your prank. I told this story to Penn years ago and he decided it was worthy of a place in their… Read More

Highland Aire

I just finished a row. It’s about 99% humidity this morning, which, to credit Chris Wedge, reminds me of having just rowed inside someone’s mouth. Chris and I used to ride our bikes together when we were at… Read More

Cat Came Back Jeans

Sometime in the late 80’s, I was a guest at a Spike n’ Mike animation festival, Santa Cruz I think. A bunch of us from Pixar went down, JL was probably the only ‘true’ special guest, but somehow… Read More

IMSAI 8080

Back and forth in time… The IMSAI 8080 was the first “clone” microcomputer, introduced in 1975 – a lower cost version of the MITS Altair 8800, introduced a year earlier in 1974. I first saw the Altair on… Read More

AR Air Hockey

Freshman Imaging Project ‘sports ball tracking’ project demo for RIT Undergraduate Research presentation. And the poster

Chuck Csuri – 1922-2022

Research is just an excuse to have fun and make some crazy art. — Chuck, early 1980s I showed up in Columbus in 1982, a first-generation college student, intent on getting something out of the opportunity to get… Read More


This is what I had on my desk when I arrived at Pixar. A Sun-2 (the CPU cabinet is ‘desk side’) and a Barco monitor. 640 x 480. That optical mouse was great, so much better than the… Read More

In the future, you’ll just download the STL and fix it yourself

Well, not quite. Back when I started doing 3D printing (around 2002 or so, very expensive, very cool) one piece of sales hype was – Soon, when your dishwasher breaks, you’ll just buy the STL for the part… Read More