Professor of Motion Picture Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, MAGIC Center; Associated faculty Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

My research and teaching focuses on human perception of materials, 3D shape, and motion — mainly through vision and touch.

My background includes undergraduate training in architecture, design, and computer graphics at The Computer Graphics Research Group of The Ohio State University; user interface and medical imaging research and development at OSU and Pixar; animation and technical direction at Pixar Animation Studios1I was the original ‘Animation Scientist’ of the group. ; graduate training in environment and behavior, cognitive science, mathematical modeling and vision science at OSU; and teaching in computer graphics, computational methods, psychology, and neuroscience at OSU and Skidmore College.

This year, I am teaching the RIT Freshman Imaging Project and Virtual Production I.

Previously, at Skidmore, I taught Computational and Quantitative Methods, Comparative Vision, PerceptionIntroduction to Psychology, Introduction to Cognitive Science and seminars on Sensory Compensation, Sensory Neuroscience, High Level Vision, Ecological Perception, and Computational and Perceptual Aesthetics. I have also taught First Year Seminars on Designing a Mind and a cross-institution course with Union College on Psychology and Neuroscience in the Real World. At RIT I have taught Visual Effects and Compositing and Freshman Imaging Project.

I am incredibly proud and honored to be associated with Project Prakash.

I collaborate with folks at MIT, OSU, WKU, & U Gießen.

MAGIC Center
Rochester Institute of Technology
Motion Picture Science
300 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5608