Oh the things you’ll find…

I’m cleaning up a bunch of archived files.

While I was in grad school, after Pixar, I did a little bit of consulting to make ends meet. One of the more fun things that I did was write a bunch of audio software for a David Bowie interactive CD. (aka CDi)

I got to hang out with Brian Eno, visited him on Guy Fawkes Night while I happened to be in the UK (His neighbors really liked him, he’s a nice guy.)

Somehow, I seem to have come upon the code for one of the things I wrote –

I have a DAT with Black Tie / White Noise tracks. You could remix Bowie in real time. Man that was fun.

Amazingly, you can still buy a used version on Amazon – https://amzn.to/3x441Nn

Harsh review :)