On Labradoodles and Fried Chicken

(21 March – Updated with more images…) I recently saw a post on twitter from @teenybiscuit, subsequently picked up by NPR here . You’ve probably seen it, dogs, muffins and a whole bunch of other things that look similar. I decided to check out how well Wolfram’s (nee Mathematica) ImageIdentify[] function would do with it. Super quickly, here it is. Basically a 50% or so hit rate (for loose definition of ‘hit’) and not a terrible false-alarm rate (10-15%). It’s really good at guac and parrots. And it sometimes thinks Donald Trump is a virus.

I’ve put an image of the Mathematica output below. There’s a link to the WolframCloud™® website with the actual notebook below the image.

  • whatarethey

    Click on the link to take yourself to the notebook’s web page and see the whole thing if you’d like. The cloud servers are being particularly slow/annoying, so you may have to wait a bit for it to load.

    Source: whatarethey.nb – Wolfram Mathematica Online