Temporal consequences of spatial acuity reduction

Space-time visual insanity.

Some work I collaborated on concerning spatiotemporal vision. We have some very interesting findings hinted at in the ‘Puzzles’ section that I look forward to us getting out there.

Temporal consequences of spatial acuity reduction

Pawan Sinha, Sid Diamond, Frank Thorn, Jie Ye, Flip Phillips, Sharon Giliad-Gutnick, Shlomit Ben-Ami and Sruti Raja – MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Wenshou Medical College, Skidmore College Psychology and Neuroscience.

Various eye conditions, such as cataracts and refractive errors, induce spatial blur in the retinal image. This, by definition, reduces high spatial frequency content. How, if at all, does this impact the temporal structure of the visual input? What are the implications of any such spatio-temporal linkage?

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