Getting a Student License for Mathematica at Skidmore

I use Mathematica in many of my classes and all of my research. You may need to use it for some homework and projects. The versions installed in the Labs and other Public computers at Skidmore are usually a version or… Read More

Implicit madness

A sparse implicit surface. It needs to be less sparse.

Shape metrics

Haptic Recurrence

Some haptic exploration recurrence. More on this later- CORM!  

Colorful Visualization of the day

An in-development look at some age judgement data. Not sure what it is telling me yet, but I can’t let that stop me from looking at it?


Doing a little work on a fluid-flow project with some folks here- Wrote a volume renderer for it, basically re-visiting work I did in 1986 at The OSU CGRG, which eventually was applied to stuff we did with the volume… Read More

Progress, visualized?

On Labradoodles and Fried Chicken

(21 March – Updated with more images…) I recently saw a post on twitter from @teenybiscuit, subsequently picked up by NPR here . You’ve probably seen it, dogs, muffins and a whole bunch of other things that look… Read More

Virgin position map


X,Y,Z in R,G,B .              

Wolfram Programming Cloud

You can create this: [WolframCloudAPI id=”a99541cf-90ab-4b52-ab5c-cd6b632f4c7f” rule=”62″ step=”30″] With this: [wlcode] CloudDeploy[APIFunction[{ “rule” -> Restricted[“Number”, {0, 255, 1}] -> 30, “step” -> Restricted[“Number”, {0, Infinity, 1}] -> 50 }, ArrayPlot[CellularAutomaton[#rule, {{1}, 0}, #step], Frame -> False] &, “PNG”… Read More